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Obviously I've abandoned this graphics journal.

I have a new one, beauties!!! I will be updating it and offering graphics over there very often. Mostly blinkies, premade icons, and personal icon offers.

I have a "lush list" (loved) and will update it often.

If you join please fill out the membership application. :)

Please feel free to go join there and you can leave this community if you wish because I won't be using it anymore.

beauties is open for members :)

My new & updated gallery/examples page is located HERE.
name sparkle hearts flowers

Graphic Examples: Public Entry

Here are some examples of my work with graphics. Everything here was made by me. I make my own things and don't edit other makers blinkies and/or use other makers blanks.

None of these graphics are to be saved/edited/cropped for the pixel (I've edited a lot of them). Please be respectful and don't take anything without my permission. Thank you.

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Comments and questions welcome!
name sparkle hearts flowers

Moderated Membership

Thank you for visiting pixelite! I take take requests on various types of graphics including blinkies, icons, banners, glitters and occasionally layouts. I also post premade graphics that anyone may take and use.

This is a moderated community and I have to approve your membership. Go to the userinfo and read the rules here, and then just click the request to join link at the top of the userinfo!

Have fun and enjoy the community!
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